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Katrina Kaif

After acting Boom, she was flooded with more work of modeling after returning to Indian. Katrina Kaif has an hour-glass figure, expensive face and gorgeous looks as she is described by many articles in India. Katrina Kaif has established a very successful modeling career in India and she decided to stay in India and not in England where her siblings live.

Though she has is poor in speaking Hindi but she has strived to perfect it with days. After being featured in Boom 2003, she was then featured in ‘Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya’ in the year 2005. In 2006 she acted ‘Deewana Kar Gaye’. This lead to more series of acting of movies including Namastey London in the year 2007 which lead her to be more noticed in the Bollywood movie industry in India. These movies made her financially stable and one of the tops paid actresses in India.

Katrina Kaif started her profession of modeling with Atul Kasbekar as her photographer and after modeling industry accepted her she got many offers among them from LG, Lakme, Fevicol, Veet and Cola. Moreover, this is the offers which made are to be noticed. She hired Matrix as her manager who started negotiating and accepting her offers on her behalf. Katrina Kaif did not allow her foreign culture to affect her profession in a different country as she stated. She believes in love, caring and respecting other people.

However, despite her positive attitude, Katrina Kaif was stereotyped and “Indian” by the British co-worker and competitors who made her feel that she did not quite fit in well with “their blonde”  culture. In India, she was also ranked to be an outsider and not as Sonia Gandhi. Despite all this, she kept on putting a positive attitude and did not experience any of the difficulties working in any of the countries.

Age and Family

Katrina Kaif was born on July, 16th 1983 in Hong Kong, India. Her father is a British who is a proficient businessman from Kashmiri and her mother name is Suzanne who is an English charity worker and a lawyer. Katrina Kaif nickname is Kat. She is from a family of seven girls an only one boy. She has acquired British citizenship as her parent are British.

Katrina Kaif has spent some years in Hawaii and later London in England. She is a model which she started while she was still living in Hawaii at the age of fourteen after being approached by a jewelry campaign. She continued to model even after she moved to London which made her act the film Boom a Bollywood movie in the year 2003.

Katrina Kaif Height & Weight

Katrina Kaif is 174m high and weighs 56 kilograms. Her colors of eyes are brown with black hair. She is currently 35 years old. She was taught by her mother at home and tutors and also took some corresponded courses. She is a Muslim by religion. Her hobbies include playing chess, traveling, reading and painting.

Katrina Kaif Movies

Katrina Kaif has been featured in many movies despite her film movie, Boom in 2003. However, she has also acted Malliswari, a Telugu movie in 2004 and in 2005 Allari Pidugu. After acting Malliswari in the year 2004, she became the highest paid actress in the south Indian.

Katrina Kaif, she is very emotional, sensitive and not easily intimidated. On top of all, she is very much concerned about her private life. On traveling, she loves to wear comfortable clothing and when indoors she wears non-traveling clothes and she is romantic. Katrina Kaif hates to do her hair as she admitted to an exclusive newspaper and she does not like make-up. She treasures are friend and family more than anything with her mother as a guiding role model.

Katrina Kaif has been signed with “Bheema” a Tamil movie and she has recently won a national award, Vikram. She has also received reviews from “Maine Pyar Kyon Kiya” and her appearance on “Sarkar” has also been rated high.

Katrina Kaif has made Mumbai her base as she does not even mind dancing and singing in one of the mega stars as she might be one of the highest paid actresses in the Bollywood movies. Whenever she makes an appearance, people gather for an autograph and take some pictures with her as she is seen as a start in India movie and modeling industry. She is mostly invited for live songs and dancing performances around Mumbai and she is paid awesomely.

Katrina Kaif Religion

Katrina Kaif believes in Muslim religion and she is a strong believer as she mostly attends mosques around Mumbai. Her fashion is very simple but a sophisticated one. She is a “diva” with flawless complexion with a very charming smile. She loves working out to keep her body fit and maintain her figure for her professional work that is modeling and acting movies.

Katrina Kaif Favorite Food

Katrina Kaif diet is simple and healthy. Above all eating, healthy is very important because an increase of one pound can mess with her figure and gorgeous look and lose attraction on her career. She eats cereals, white eggs, legumes, vegetables, green salad, and boiled rice as instructed by a nutritionist. Katrina Kaif has her own hired nutritionist who advices are on what diet to take and lose as well. She does not eat of fried food, she keeps are diet on nuts and fresh fruits. She loves Chapatis and fried chicken.

Katrina Kaif Net Worth

Katrina Kaif has won many awards in India. She first won her first award when she was only fourteen in modeling. In 2010 she won start screen award as the entertainer of the year. In 2011 she won again star screen award as the best actress of the year for acting in ‘teen maar khan’ and ‘Raajneeti’. In 2013 she won another color screen award as best actress of the year for acting ‘Jab Tak  Hai Jaan’ and ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. Her salary is 7 to 8 Crore per film and her net worth is six million United States dollars. Her marital status is single but she has an ex-boyfriend who is actors.

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